FAQs / General Info

How to add my links?

Contact me (Bobby.McFey) directly via facebook. Add me as a friend, and pm me. I accept almost all friend requests sent to me. I will need all your links labelled. e.g. LockInd: link, chicago: link, etc. As long as I know which link is which.

When to submit weekly heist link?

ASAP. As far as I Know the heist becomes available at the same time for every person regardless of location/timezone. Please submit it within 48 hours of the heist becoming available. It may or may not be updated if submitted after. If the timer above the main link shows a timer less than 120 hours, you're probably too late.

Removal of links?

The links will be removed if for 3 consecutive weeks you have not submitted your link, at this point I have to assume you are no longer an active player. If you failed to submit your weekly link in 4 of the past 7 weeks, your link will be removed.

How often should I help?

Once a day is preferred, but not required. There's some great people here that help out everyday. Please take a few minutes to help if you can.